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Eyelash Extensions

In order to meet your lash needs and goals, your lash service will begin with a consultation with you and your Xtreme Lashes® Stylist. Important considerations for the stylist are your desired look, along the condition of your natural lashes, your eye shape and color, facial features, skin tone, and lifestyle.

Each look is unique and is customized through the application of the length, curvatures, thicknesses, and colors of the lash extensions. Professional recommendations are important for maintaining the longevity of your lash extensions and integrity of your natural lashes. Lash extensions are not a phase-they’re a lifestyle.

Featuring Xtreme Lashes Advanced Stylists and Latest Techniques!!

Xtreme Lashes Full-Set (65+ lashes/eye)

A full-set is the most luscious way to enjoy your lash enhancement. Synthetic lashes are applied to as many healthy lashes that are available on your upper eyelids! Designed to compliment your natural beauty by creating a more full-look to your eyes and provide length to your lashes. This look opens up your facial features and makes people notice that extra special something about you, without knowing exactly what it is!!! Different lengths and thickness are combined to achieve a bold, but natural look so no one has to know your lash secret (1.5-2.5 hours).

Partial-Set (up to 40 lashes/eye)

The partial-set is a great way to experience more length in your lashes. This is also a great service for someone who does not have a lot of his or her own natural lashes. Thus, it would be a full-set for such guests. Also, if you are tentative about trying lash extensions, a partial-set is a great way to ease into the experience of having lashes. Often times, people decide to continue on with the full-set (1-1.5 hours).

Volumation: Skin Secret is now offering Xtreme Lashes Volumation™ lash applications. Volumation™ is the technique of safely adding multiple eyelash extensions to one single natural eyelash in order to create depth, volume, and texture. Skin Secret utilizes the proprietary Xtreme Lashes Lash Calculator™ to calculate and determine the ideal lengths, thicknesses and number of eyelash extensions that we can safely apply while preserving the long-term health of the natural eyelashes. Recommendations are also provided for eyelash extension applications based on the condition of a client’s natural eyelashes.

Because of the intricate work and designs with Volumation™, more time is necessary for the initial set and two-week fills are mandatory for correctly maintaining a client’s design and integrity of his or her natural lashes. A phone consultation is necessary to book this service~ 206.595.2325.

“Just-a-Flare” (15 lashes/eye)

This is just-a-little-bit-more for that special dinner or work event. It is the perfect way to give a slight enhancement to give you that extra glow. Semi-permanent adhesive is used to ensure that your lashes will stay on all through the event and even into the days following. A nice way to get a feel for ease and beauty of having lashes, but because there is such a limited amount of lashes that must blend with your natural lashes, the length is not as long as it would be in a Full-Set or Partial- Set and you may also notice the loss of lashes much sooner with the “Just-a-Flare” service (20 min).

Relash (at least 60% of lash extensions still applied)

Just like the hair on our head, our eyelashes grow and shed. Lashes are on different growth cycles. So, as hairs are maturing, others are beginning to grow and some are in the process of falling out. It is typical to shed between 1-5 hairs per day, depending on individual growth cycles. Therefore, in order to maintain your luscious lashes, a refill, or “relash” as we call it, is necessary every 2-3 weeks and is relatively less time then full and partial set applications (1 hour).

Extended Relash (less than 60% of lash extensions applied)

If you need a little more time or are missing more than 40% of your lashes, please allow for the extra time (1.25 hour).

Touch-up (weekly relash)

A weekly relash to ensure that you always have luscious lashes. This is a shorter procedure and is perfect for the busy professional. Looking good has never been so easy! (30 min).

Lash Party (up to 8 people)

A revolutionary new way to celebrate a “girl’s night out” or that special occasion is by hosting your own Lash Party. If you and your friends have always dreamt about long lashes or are looking for a unique and fun experience to share together, what better way than beautifying yourselves with longer lashes! Forget about strip lashes for the wedding and party and celebrate a bachelorette party with beauty!!! Parties can be at Skin Secret or Skin Secret will come to you!!!